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3DClouds is a video-game developer also specialised in multimedia services, computer graphics and gamification solutions. The team is made up of a perfect mix of talented veteran and young videogames developers, designers and artists. Our debut videogame All-Star Fruit Racing released in 2018 was a kart racer available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Switch. The following year 2019 turned out to be a very big year for 3DClouds with three separate titles released. Xenon Racer our second game was released in the spring showcasing another example of design innovation within the racing videogames genre. In November “Race With Ryan” a second kart racing game was released which we developed for the most famous youtuber channel in the world, Ryan’s Toy Reviews. Closing out on a busy 2019 we also released CARRUMBLE, a completely new take on the brawler genre.

Actually we are working on several new projects simultaneously, so stay tuned !

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Our Games

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King of Seas

King of Seas is an Action Role playing game set in a deadly procedurally generated pirate world. In a ferocious plot you will fight to regain what has been taken away and embark on an epic adventure in a fantastic world, filled with battles, lost islands and treasures. A universe full of amazing characters and breathtaking missions will keep you anchored as you strive to become the king of all pirates.

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Carrumble is a free to play online brawl fighting game, in which 4 players face off in dynamic arenas aboard a wide range of customisable vehicles each characterized by a unique appearance and special move!

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Race With Ryan

Ryan’s World has come to life, and it’s every bit as colorful, fun and fast as you imagined. So pick a racer, head to one of six magical locations, and step on the gas to show your friends and family who the fastest racer really is.

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Xenon Racer

Xenon Racer is our second title. It's the year 2030, the era of flying vehicles. A one-off championship for wheel based vehicles has been organised, with cutting-edge electric cars boosted by Xenon gas. Drift through cities like Tokyo and Dubai as fast as you can and claim eternal glory!

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All-Star Fruit Racing

All-Star Fruit Racing is 3DClouds first title: available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC and Switch, it's a last generation kart game, playable both offline and online, racing through a lot of modes: from single player career to online multiplayer and offline split-screen for up to four players.

Meet the Team

Our team is made up videogames veterans, from Microsoft, Milestone, Ubisoft, Vanguard Games and a group of young and talented artists and programmers. Our games are born from the dedication and skill of the people who work here, and our long term objective is to assemble a world class team.


“Founder and the creative drive behind 3DClouds. Former Milestone 3D Artist.”

Francesco Bruschi

Founder and Lead Designer


"Make friends first, make sales second, make love third. In no particular order."

Angelo Zarcone

Marketing Manager


"Former Milestone & Digital Tales game designer, has more than 15 titles designed and developed in 5 years from Vancouver to Milano."

Luca Cafasso

Game Designer


"After every storm comes a rainbow."

Stefano Peranzoni

Lead Programmer


3DClouds works on far more than videogames. We even organize spectacular events for our clients, especially within the pharmaceutical sector, including services such as location choice, set-up study and faculty management.

We can do everything necessary and more to make any event a real success, in particular thanks to the 3D modelling and the 2D and 3D video production. We can provide everything to enable both learning and knowledge transfer with for example double doctor-patient interviews / hyper-realistic videos that recreate the movements of the intestinal villi / interactions between real and virtual reality in which the attendee touches and handles digital organs even showing how an active ingredient or molecule functions.

The catalogue also features the set-up of simulators capable of recreate virtual spaces, augmented reality, animated advertising banners and innovative technological solutions.


We would love to hear from you. If you need more info about 3DClouds, our games or if you want to join us.

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